Invitation to open CopServ network meeting, Bochum, October 19, 2017, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Invitation to open CopServ network meeting, Bochum, October 19, 2017, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

The European satellite program “Copernicus” offers new chances for innovative ideas and products. It provides information based on a new combination of satellite data, terrestrial observation systems and databases. This enables to react more efficiently to new challenges for example climate change, to optimize processes in application industries of GeoIT and to open up emerging markets. Copernicus data are provided for free according to the open data concept of the EU and still the potential of Copernicus isn’t tapped to the fullest.

The cooperation network “CopServ” wants to change this and to initiate technological developments and to realize marketing activities as well as to use synergy effects inside the network for future-oriented solutions and products.

At the informative meeting experts from the network CopServ as well as specialists from various client industries show which solutions are worked out so far, which requirements result from industry-specific processes and which trends and developments arise around the topic Copernicus.

Following topics are on the agenda:

Copernicus – access points: access platforms and technologies for free usage

ICT: CloudComputing, big data, data mining, senor networks and senor data fusion, specific data analysis

Industry applications: practical examples from water economy, energy economy, mining/post-mining, agriculture, nature conservation and environment protection and public administration

Agenda – preliminary


2:00 pm  

Tools and instruments



About the role of trust in networks

Prof. Dr. Guido Möllering,

Reinhard Mohn Institute of Management


Usage of Copernicus data – Access points – GeoMarketplace
Dr. Manfred Krischke
, CloedEO AG




3:00 pm



Real life examples



Project report „AQUISS – Air quality forecast for cities and urban agglomerations“– Usage of Copernicus for surveillance of the air quality – also potentials for further usages?


Hermann-Josef Heich, Heich Consult GmbH
Agricultural Monitoring – Field crop early recognition on the field level and harvest modelling Dr. Fabian Löw, MAPTAILOR Geospatial Consulting GbR
Bio mass monitoring Dr. Andreas Müterthies, EFTAS GmbH



4:00 pm



Industry applications



Industry applications Company / Institute
Mining/Post-mining – Geo monitoring in old and post-mining To be confirmed

RWE Power, Hr. Weyand (lo)

Respectively  RAG / Emschergenossenschaft (Goerke-Mallet)


Energy/Renewable Energies

Electric line monitoring

TBC: OpenGrid Europe, Hr. Meyer

Respectively—PLEdoc / IMP/ Amprion (C. Lipinski)

Agriculture TBC: BayWa – Farmfacts, Hr. Herbinger

The event takes place at the Technischen Hochschule Georg Agricola, Hernerstraße 45, 44787 Bochum.

If you have any questions you can contact Simone Stangier,, Phone: 0208/30004-75. For application please send an email to