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Copernicus Services and Technologies for regional and local, trade-specific services and applications

Earth observation and „Copernicus“

Earth observation and Copernicus – the European Copernicus Programme entered its operational phase with the launch of the first Sentinel satellite in 2014. Data from space or – to be more precise – Earth observation data from different missions and in the future primarily that generated by the European Copernicus system – offers an enormous range of potential uses. Combined with and complemented by in-situ data from local and regional sensors or sensor data networks and other geo information, completely new applications can be developed.
Through cross-section IT technologies such as big data, cloud computing, digitalization and geoIT together with suitable communication technologies, an enormous amount of data becomes increasingly accessible for commercial products, processes and services and besides they will be provided for free.




  Cloud based Geo IT solutions offer comfortable and efficient usage for many trade sectors. The challenge is to open up the full spectrum of markets of the eco system. Here the CopServe network provides valuable support to the market development.

Dr. Manfred Krischke

CEO, Cloudeo AG

Cross-sectional technologies

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Cloud-based user platforms

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Cross-linked sensors instead of loner

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