Chancen durch Datenfusion

Chances trough data fusion

Data fusion combines information from various sources to develop a new communication and information system. CopServ will work on a system that receives, combines and processes information and transfers it to apps and GIS applications.

Therefore the three pillars geo information, positioning and data transfer will be united in one integrated system. In real time data from in situ sensors will be combined with Copernicus satellite data, meteorological data and data from involved users (e.g. of smartphones or cars).

The challenge: Information will be transferred by different communication channels, which are heterogeneous and lack standardization.

Potential areas of development

  • Development of a system basis for set up and for trying a system for merging heterogeneous data set
  • System integration in particular of mass data from so called consumer devices
  • Development of special crowdsourcing procedures for using this information