Spezialisierte Nutzerplattformen auf Cloud-Basis

Cloud-based specialized user platforms

DLR currently works on „Copernicus Data and Exploitation Platform – Deutschland“ (CODE-DE), which will offer a general, easy and fast access to Copernicus Sentinel data and services. The CopServ network plans also the development of trade sector specific user platforms which are tailored to respective requirements.

The platforms are supposed to combine information of the Copernicus services and in situ data to enable big data analysis as well as derived innovative applications.

Key task will be to realize cloud processing of these platforms. Thus new business areas for industry related service providers can develop. In an integrated warehouse additional external products can be offered.

Potential areas of development

  • Development of cloud processing solutions via platforms that can used discretely by future users
  • Integration of different, hybrid and heterogeneous data
  • Big data analysis processes in real time
  • Development of intelligent options for action and decision support, which exceeds pure data merging and provision