Über CopServ

Synergies for the future

The ZIM cooperation network brings together companies and research institutes since end of 2016 to develop innovative ideas and new business models for the commercial use – with data from the European satellite program “Copernicus”.

The European satellite program “Copernicus” offers new chances for innovative ideas and products. It provides information based on a new combination of satellite data, terrestrial observation systems and databases. This enables to react more efficiently to new challenges for example climate change or to open up emerging markets. So far the potential of those data isn’t tapped to the fullest.

The cooperation network “CopServ” wants to change this and wants to use synergy effects for trendsetting solutions and products. The experts of ZENIT GmbH are responsible for the network management.

Funding by the Department of Commerce

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy funds “CopServ” as ZIM project (Central Innovation Programme for SMEs). The network management costs will be covered to a large extent during the three year duration. The remaining costs are covered by the companies.

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Project duration – Phase plan

Concept and establishment

  • Formulation and development of the network concept
  • Establishment of the network in public
  • Formulation of a technological roadmap
  • First development program with the drafted R&D ideas

Realization, reproduction and stabilization

  • Implementation of the network concept
  • Continuation of the technological roadmap
  • Realization of the R&D projects according to the technological roadmap
  • Preparation of the result exploitation on the market
  • Stabilization and extension of the network
  • Continuation concept for the network

Our ZIM cooperation network CopServ